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I am fighting for increased public school funding, to ensure that teachers get the pay that they deserve and to make sure every student in Winthrop and Revere receives a world-class education; for affordable and accessible healthcare, so that no one in our community has to go without care or worry whether they can afford to see a doctor; for our small-businesses and hardworking people, so that they can get the help they need to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic; for women's rights, so sexual and reproductive health care is accessible to all;  for our Seniors & Veterans, to have the backs of those that gave our community so much; for a 21st Century Transportation System, so nobody has to worry about how to get to work; and for our climate, so that Revere and Winthrop Beaches will be here for generations to come. ​
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Alicia's fighting for: 


Increased Public School Funding

For far too long, because of budget cuts and no fault of their own, our public schools in Winthrop and Revere have not had the resources they need. To fix that, Alicia will advocate for increased Chapter 70 funding so that our teachers get paid what they deserve and our students learn in a social-emotional learning environment that sets them up for success -- because we can’t allow the past to stand in the way of our children’s future. Alicia will also fight to make high-quality child care and early education available to all working families.

  • Increase Chapter 70 funding.

  • Equitable implementation of the Student Opportunity Act.

  • A nurse and a mental health professional in every school.

  • Re-examine standardized testing.

  • Social-emotional learning strategies that develop students as whole people.

  • Expanded education, like after-school programs and pre-Kindergarten.

  • Increase funding to public colleges and universities, and a state grant program for higher education.

Public Health.png

An Equitable Public Health System

Fixing the issues that plague our healthcare system has long been a focus of Alicia’s.


Far too many in our community did not have access to the high-quality service they deserve prior to COVID-19, and stress on our system has only made matters worse. With a Degree in Health Management and Policy and as a current Master of Public Health candidate, Alicia will fight for policies that make healthcare more accessible, equitable, and affordable. This includes fighting for expanded healthcare coverage and services for our veterans and seniors, and making sure that healthcare workers on the frontlines are protected.


Alicia also supports advancing legislation to expand mental health services throughout our communities.

  • Fully fund the Medicaid (MassHealth) program.

  • Increase support for community health centers, safety net, and community hospitals.

  • Behavioral health funding.

  • Expand coverage for veterans and seniors.

  • Additional COVID-19 vaccination sites and testing centers.

  • A more streamlined system for COVID-19 vaccinations. 

  • More family supports, like childcare, for essential workers. 

  • Transparency around allocation and standards of PPE.


Small Businesses & Working People

​Small businesses and working people are the backbone of our community here in Winthrop and Revere. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many of our friend’s and neighbors’ lives and livelihoods hard, and they are struggling to survive. Alicia is dedicated to fighting for additional resources and funding to make sure that those hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic are the first to be able to bounce back. This includes:

  • Emergency relief to support our restaurant owners and workers.

  • Expanded unemployment benefits.

  • Increase opportunities for smart and responsible development.

  • Additional grants for our local small businesses.

  • Ensure Winthrop & Revere receive our fair share of future COVID-19 relief funds.

  • Fair Share Amendment and revenue sources like taxes and fees on large corporations, developers, and endowed, land-owning institutions.

Women's rights.png

Rights to Reproductive, Sexual, and Maternal Care

These fundamental rights are under attack on all levels of government. Our community needs a Representative who will fight day-in and day-out for the civil rights of women, girls, and nonbinary people, whether that be reproductive justice or fair pay. Alicia believes in an intersectional approach to health, and that protecting reproductive rights necessitates legislation to help immigrants, address poverty, support worker’s rights, expand access to democracy, and increase accountability measures. 


As the first woman to hold the 19th Suffolk Seat, reproductive care and choice policy would be of critical personal importance to Alicia. While working for the House of Representatives, Alicia saw firsthand how policies like the ROE Act help people across Massachusetts.

  • The right of all people to access safe, legal abortion.

  • Affordable health care, improved health outcomes, and reduced health care disparities by funding comprehensive family planning.

  • Comprehensive, state-funded sex education.

  • Renewed investment in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

  • Investing in maternal healthcare, and closing the race gap in maternal mortality rates.

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A 21st Century Transportation System

The COVID-19 pandemic has put significant stress on our already challenged transportation system. Alicia believes that the transportation system of the future should seamlessly connect multiple modes of transportation, with emphasis on trains and bus lines. A key concern for Alicia is fighting against increases in the MBTA fees and cuts in the scheduled hours of operation to ensure that regardless of means, anyone can get to work. As a representative, Alicia would work with our local, state, and federal officials to ensure existing COVID-19 relief funds are invested in the blue line and fight to secure future dollars to enhance and support our transportation system.

  • Stop the MBTA budget slash and fare hikes.

  • No stop closures or schedule cuts.

  • Designated bus lanes.

  • Invest in the blue line. 

  • Transition to clean energy sources.

Our Environment.png

Our Environment

Climate change is here. Every time a storm hits our community, we see drastic impacts only get worse. We must act now to pass aggressive climate change legislation to protect our planet. This action should include increased investment in clean energy and clean jobs, increased conservation efforts, and providing resources to Revere and Winthrop to protect the beaches and marshland. 

  • A Green New Deal.

  • Statewide commitment to reaching 100% renewable energy.

  • The Massachusetts omnibus climate bill that is currently making its way through the legislative process.

  • Clean energy and clean jobs.

  • Reduced carbon emissions.

  • Prioritizing environmental justice by recognizing the need for added protections for vulnerable communities.

  • Will work with community activities to hold the Wheelabrator for the continued pollution it has caused our community.


Strong Unions

Unions built the Commonwealth, and as the daughter and granddaughter of union members, the right to organize is incredibly important to Alicia. As our friends and neighbors continue to face the burden of COVID-19, workers in Winthrop and Revere must be protected and kept safe at their workplaces.  Alicia will fight for emergency paid sick time for essential workers and fight against any legislation threatening worker’s rights.

  • Walk picket lines with both public and private sector employees.

  • Vouch publicly and privately for workers.

  • Defend rights to organize and collectively bargain, including of healthcare and public school employees. 

  • Extend Massachusetts’ minimum wage and paid family and medical leave to all.

Social Justice.png

Racial Justice & Civil Rights

Alicia will legislate in recognition of and in response to the barriers of systemic racism that have precluded full social, political, and economic participation of BIPOC in the Commonwealth and across the country. Alicia commits to being an active ally to people of color in the State Legislature. Recognizing that she has privilege as a white, cishet woman, she promises to listen to constituents about how she can best ensure everyone gets the care, support, and opportunities they need and deserve. 

  • Combat voter suppression: permanent vote by mail, same-day voter registration, and an Election Day holiday

  • Criminal justice reform, to root out systemic racism.

  • Stop relying on law enforcement for every public health issue, and instead increase support and funding for mental health, for healthcare and substance abuse services, for affordable housing, for community centers, and to address the root causes of poverty.

  • Work and Family Mobility Act, so qualified drivers have licenses regardless of immigration status.

  • The Safe Communities Act, so no one has to live in fear.

  • Tenant protections and more revenue invested in local affordable housing. 

  • An eviction moratorium for the duration of COVID-19

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