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Joseph Aiello, Carina Campobasso [...] - Why we support Alicia DelVento for State Rep

We are writing to express our support for Alicia DelVento for state representative. Alicia will work tirelessly for policies that improve the lives of everyone in Winthrop and Revere.

Alicia is focused on policy and understands the importance of good government, transparency and the highest ethical standards for our elected officials. She will make decisions based on what’s best for everyone and not be influenced by special interests. She understands that what is important is not endorsements from the connected. She does not feel entitled to the position because she has been running for it for the past 10 years. In making decisions, she will be guided by facts, science, and expert analysis. As recent events show, now more than ever we need elected officials at all levels who base their decisions on the truth, not political expediency.

She will be an advocate for working families, seniors, veterans, the disabled, and those with health challenges. She will fight for economic, social and racial justice.

Finally, there is no issue more urgent than climate change–for Winthrop and Revere, as seaside communities, but also for the Commonwealth, the country and the entire planet. As the lead organizer in Winthrop for the U.S. Senate’s strongest climate champion, Senator Markey, Alicia clearly understands this urgency and will be a strong advocate for policies that protect the environment and transition the Commonwealth to a clean energy economy, creating jobs in the process.

Please join us in voting for Alicia on March 2.

Joseph Aiello

Carina Campobasso

Barbara Flockhart

Daniela Foley

Erica Foley

Suzanne Hitchcock-Bryan

Tracey Honan

Mary Mitchell

Linda Roy

Gary Skomro


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