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Rosanne Hudd - I am proud to support Alicia

I was a Kindergarten teacher for over 20 years, and among my first students was a child named Alicia DelVento. She was kind, caring, helpful and bright; I always knew she was born to lead. Today, I’m proud to say that she could be my next State Representative.

Alicia has shown remarkable leadership skills, having organized Senator Edward Markey’s campaign and in her active involvement as a State Democratic Committee Woman.

As an educator, I look for candidates who can provide strong credentials. Alicia’s pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Public Health demonstrates her commitment to the needs and challenges of the citizens of our county.

I currently work with parents and caregivers of children age 4 and under in a state-funded grant program. Their futures depend upon better public school funding, as well as targeted ways to combat the impacts of climate change. As these are just some of Alicia’s goals as State Representative, I am proudly supporting her candidacy.

Rosanne Hudd


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