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Colleen O'Keefe - I am voting for Alicia

My name is Colleen O’Keefe, and I am a kindergarten teacher at Lincoln Elementary School in Revere. There are several reasons why I think Alicia is the best candidate for our state representative, but as a classroom teacher, her education policies are at the top of my list. All our students deserve access to a high-quality education that meets each of their individual needs and our teachers deserve to be heard as they navigate the challenges that come with delivering this instruction. Now more than ever our student’s social-emotional needs are a top priority and having a state representative who fights for our students is a must. We need someone who will fight for our students from day one. Someone who understands that ALL students deserve access to high-quality education and who is not afraid to step into our schools and speak with the teachers and leaders who do this work every day.

I am confident that Alicia DelVento is this person and I look forward to giving her my vote on March 2nd.

Colleen O’Keefe


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