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Richard Gill - Alicia will hit the ground running from day one

I am enthusiastically supporting Alicia DelVento’s candidacy for State Representative in the upcoming special election. During my twelve years on the Winthrop School Committee and four years on the Winthrop Town Council, I learned first hand the importance of listening to and collaborating with others. A deliberative body, such as the state legislature, by definition, must deliberate, and effective deliberation demands listening and collaborative skills, skills that Alicia brings to everything that she does. Make no mistake; Alicia is no pushover. She is a fighter for what she believes in. Those of us who have watched her in action knows that she will go to the mat for the people and the issues important to her and the district. Alicia is passionate about Winthrop and Revere. We the people will be well served by her passion, her intelligence, her caring, and her experience.

Alicia will hit the ground running from day one.

Richard D. Gill

Former Winthrop Town Councilor and Former Winthrop School Committee Member


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